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Seawall technology has evolved and today there are “Hybrid” seawalls that consist of poured concrete, that is installed primarily from land.   Along with a more efficient and less costly installation, hybrid seawalls also can be constructed in a variety of colors, and textures.

The Truline product can be installed as a new seawall where no wall previously exists, or as a replacement seawall just to the outside of an existing seawall that is failing.  They can also be installed as a retaining wall on a beachfront property, or on a fresh water river or lake.   

The Truline design incorporates the best attributes of traditional steel, concrete and vinyl materials into one ultimate wall system. Truline is the only way to construct an 8″ steel-reinforced concrete wall inside an attractive looking protective vinyl form.  As a result, the strength of the wall (steel and concrete) will last longer because it is protected inside the form. When properly designed and installed, the wall will last 75+ years based on independent testing and analysis. The Truline technology also makes it easy to build corners and curves into a wall.   The wall face can be chosen in 3 standard colors (light gray, sand or beige) or a custom color can be designed.  

Truline walls are installed by driving the forms into the ground, and then filling the center with steel rebar and high strength concrete.  Because the Truline system is modular and can be hand-carried to job sites, it inherently creates a low impact construction footprint with minimal disruption and tear-up.  Small equipment can be used to drive the sheet piling causing less destruction in an already developed area. Many times, docks and boat lifts do not have to be removed, and installation takes place with them in place.  

The Truline forms are made of 92% recycled material.    The final product is a smooth flat surface that is much less damaging than a concrete wall should it come in contact with a boat.  Additionally, batter pilings are never needed and thus the final product is sleek and stylish.

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